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Free Video Downloader Hub is the latest free video downloader for you to download videos from video website. Easy to use and 100% FREE!

Free Video Downloader Hub lets you easily download all videos from your favorite sites directly to your mobile Phone. Free Video Downloader Hubauto detects videos, you can download them with just one click. The powerful download manager allows you to pause and resume downloads, download in the background and download several files at the same time. With this video downloader you can preview your hot video first, fast download and watch videos anywhere offline. You can also set block ads to watch videos without ADS.

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💎Key Features
– HD video downloader
PIN lock and file hiding
Block ADs for web pages
– Add bookmarks for your favorite websites
– Browse videos with the built-in browser
– Download videos in the background
Resume failed downloads
– Play videos offline with the in-app video
Auto detect videos and easily download
– Full-featured download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads
– Download several files at the same time
– SD card supported
– Fast download speed with HD video downloader
– Check the progress in the download bar
– HD video download supported
– Large file download supported

👉How to Use Free Video Downloader Hub👈
* Browse video website with the built-in browser
* Click the play button of the video you want to download and watch offline
* Click the download button to download the HD video
* Done!
(Or you can copy links of videos you like and paste them in this APP to download them)

👉How to find Downloaded videos👈
You can click the menu button on top right corner of the downloaded video,Rename your videos, download path is where your videos placed. You can also click the menu near the browser search box, then setting-download directory, click to edit.

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★★★★Important notes★★★★:
* Youtube videos cannot be downloaded due to legal restrictions.!
*This app does not belong to nor is authorized by any social media site
*Any unauthorized actions (re-uploading or downloading of contents) and/or violations of intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user
*This app is for users 13+ years of age

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cleaner-clean master

Cleaner是一款免费的强大清洁器和手机助推器,包括Junk Cleaner,Memory Booster和App Manager。
功能 :
全面保护您的隐私。 确保您的应用数据。

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最受欢迎的僵尸游戏“Zombie Night”风靡全球!
现在,用枪支和炸弹防御你的防御。 快点一起摧毁他们! 我们有一个强大的武器,火杀僵尸奇怪的军队!
– 惊心动魄的游戏
– 简单易用的控制和可怕的视觉效果和声音
– 生存模式和更强大的僵尸
– 保护自己
– 游戏完全免费。
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Block Puzzle: Puzzle master

Block Puzzle: Puzzle master:益智大师是一个经典和令人上瘾的益智游戏!



Block Puzzle: Puzzle master:益智大师是一款完全免费的益智游戏! 立即下载并享受吧!

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Easter Rush


sSmall jump = Tap,Big jump = Hold。
– 单击屏幕以尽可能地跳跃。
– 收集彩蛋并获得积分。
– 一旦兔子掉下来,游戏就会结束。

Easter Rush是一款完全免费的精彩游戏! 立即下载并享受吧!

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Fruit Cut Ninja:Fruit Master

Fruit Cut Ninja:Fruit Master:水果大师是一个简单和令人上瘾的水果切割游戏,你可以享受切割和切片水果。它有许多功能,如不同的水果模型,惊人的背景音乐和声音效果,以及流畅的游戏控制感。

玩家可以通过切割水果来享受这个有趣的Fruit Cut Ninja游戏,你可以通过触摸屏控制刀片切片。 但是,永远不要触摸地雷!


Fruit Cut Ninja:Fruit Master:水果大师现在切片很多水果像忍者!

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